Carl Germain


Carl Germain is a guitarist, composer and guitar instructor based in Seattle, Washington. He also has experience as an in-studio and live sound audio engineer.

Carl has been playing and teaching guitar for over ten years. He has performed throughout North America, Mexico and Europe, and has recorded and performed in several of Seattle's most iconic recording studios and venues. He has collaborated with Robert Fripp, Steve Ball, Curt Golden, Trey Gunn, his sister Nora Germain, and many others. 

Carl plans to release his debut solo album in 2017. To see Carl play live, follow his Facebook for updates. 


Praise for Carl


"Carl is a gifted and versatile player and teacher." -Curt Golden, guitarist, Seattle

"Carl is a great musician and a great guy!" -Paul Richards, California Guitar Trio

"Carl Germain is an 11 sided dice. When you roll him, musically he always comes up double sixes. And everyone wins. He can rock. He can Bach. He can sing. He can read. Improvise. Lead. Follow. And talk. He is a musicians' musicians' musician. Love his work. Love his play. He brings music to life." -Steve Ball, Seattle Guitar Circle

"Carl's guitar work lends an unmistakable authenticity to everything he is involved in. I am fortunate enough to play in a band with Carl, and his talent makes me very proud of our music." -Steve Turnidge,

"Working on Music with Carl always reconnects me with the reason I wanted to play Music in the first place." -Igor Abuladze, Guitarist and Luthier


Short Biography


Carl was born in 1986 in Madison, Wisconsin and began studying classical piano at age four. He later learned the guitar by ear and played in rock bands, experimental groups, and composed music for several years. He moved to Seattle in 2009 where he became part of the Seattle Circle, Tuning the Air, The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists, and many other groups, continuing to compose and improvise both as a soloist and in collective atmospheres. Carl has been on several international Guitar Craft courses under the direction of his mentor Robert Fripp and has performed in Spain, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, Italy, Chicago and elsewhere with various configurations of the Guitar Craft entity. 

Carl also plays drums and electric bass, and is an experienced sound engineer and guitar tech. He now teaches guitar in Seattle, performs often in the Seattle area, and tours with Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft projects. He has also collaborated with Tiny Orchestral Moments, Transmissionary, Tuning the Air, and numerous other blues, rock, experimental, progressive and improvisation-based bands. 

To see Carl play live, follow his Facebook for updates.